E' online il nuovo portale del Museo senza Frontiere e la mostra virtuale "sharing history"

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The newest and most challenging Virtual Museum and Virtual Exhibition project of Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF) is now online:
Sharing History
Arab World – Europe | 1815–1918
Ten themed Exhibitions | Database with 3,000 items | Timeline for more context | and much more.
Today we are all called upon to look at our past as a shared heritage, which will give us inspiration for a joint future only if interpreted collectively, taking into consideration the perspectives of all concerned.
“Sharing History” is the result of a joint effort of partners from 23 countries, to make the discovery of shared history both enjoyable and educational.
Enclosed please find our press released and a leaflet presenting the project.
We would be grateful for your support to disseminate information about the launch of www.sharinghistory.org.
Simultaneously to “Sharing History” also the new MWNF portal was inaugurated: www.museumwnf.org
For further information:
Eva Schubert
Email: eva.schubert@museumwnf.net
Tel: +43 676 7444666, +39 3339 7209789

3 Aprile, 2015
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Sharing History
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